For the time being, Sunday Mass will start at 10:30 am.

Welcome to St.Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church!

60 years ago, around the time St.Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church was established, the area around the church was a field with many rice paddies. And it was a quiet and peaceful place. Today, St.Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church is lined with houses and condominiums in a peaceful, quiet neighnbourhood unchanged from the founding "place of prayer". Today's busy society, I think this quiet place at the foot of Mt.Hiei is ideal to find peace of mind . St.Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church is open from 7 am until 6 pm. Just sit quietly, face to face with God. Please pray for peace - for your peace of mind, for the peace of your family, for world peace. "I am the door" is inscribe at the church entrance as an aid to prayer.


St.Viator, the patron saint of St.Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church, taught the Bible to children in the cathedral of Lyon in France 1600 years ago, as well as carrying out adult activities such as the teaching of prayer. Even now, whoever is appointedparish priest of St.Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church works to complete the mission started by St. Viator.


Let us all pray together to enjoy the blessings of peace .

A Message from our Pastor

On behalf of the pastoral staff I warmly welcome you to our Saint Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic family, where you have many opportunities to grow spiritually. With the change at the head of our parish, we would like to pay a tribute to our predecessor Father Yves Boisvert, who for several decades announced Jesus Christ and his Gospel with love and dedication. He leaves us a vibrant community and we are truly grateful to him. May God continues to assist him because we will always need his experience at our side.


Beginning a new mandate as the pastor of the Christian community of Kitashirakawa, I will work to continue everything all that is beautiful and great in this wonderful parish. Like all other parishes, and Catholic character, our parish’s members are from different backgrounds and different social strata. These aspects do not hinder the smooth running of the parish but provide a strong foundation. In diversity, the enormous cultural

wealth can contribute to the unity Jesus invites us to form. A united family

dynamic is one where everyone is open and willing to give others place to work

in preparation for the coming of God’s Kingdom.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, in the spirit of Jesus’s Gospel, everybody is welcome in our parish. Dear Friends, if you want to explore our faith you can enjoy many opportunities to do so. You can be prepared for the sacraments of baptism, communion, confirmation, reconciliation and marriage. We have a friendly and exceptional environment for children, youth people and everyone who needs a strong basic preparation or a more profound

examination of their faith.


Come pray with us; Share the living Word with us; Join us to celebrate God and to celebrate life. In this holy year devoted to Mercy, God send down His graces in abundance on each one of you. May He hear and respond to our countless shouts of heartfelt praise. Let him grow our parish in number and holiness. May we all gather in the Lord Jesus. Amen!

In St. Viator, Fr. William Serge Bationo, CSV